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We believe that Tubus Racks are the best bicycle racks on the market today. They use hollow steel tubes instead of solid aluminum for their racks. This makes them stronger and it also means that should you have some mishap and break one, you can get an emergency repair if you can find a welder.

Tubus Rear Racks

Tubus Cargo Rack ($140)

Tubus racks are Germany engineered, and are top quality racks, but at a price. Their Cargo model is very stable and heavy duty. Although it weighs only 1.34 pounds, its load capacity is 88 pounds.

This rack can carry up to 88 pounds

Tubus Logo ($150)

This design moves the rear panniers aft and down slightly, providing additional heel clearance. If you occasionally clip your panniers with your heels, you might want to consider this rack.

This rack provides extra heel clearance

Tubus Cosmo ($210)

The Cosmo is a stainless steel version of the Logo.

Stainless Steel Version of the Logo

Tubus Vega ($140)

The Vega is similar to the Logo, but without the lower side rails. It weighs slightly more than a pound and can carry 55 pounds of load.

The Vega is a smaller version of the Logo

Tubus Fly ($130)

the Fly is a very lightweight rack, yet it can carry 40 pounds of load. It mounts to the brake bridge.

A very lightweight rack

Tubus Luna ($176)

The Luna is the stainless steel version of the Fly

Stainless steel version of the Fly

Tubus Front Racks

Tubus Duo ($120)

A lightweight, two-piece design that requires mid-fork braze-ons that are drilled through to both sides of the fork blade.

Requires Mid-fork Braze-ons

Tubus Tara ($120)

A simple design that works on bikes with or without mid-fork braze-ons (extra hardware is required to mount it on forks without mid-fork braze-ons).

Fits Bikes with or without Mid-fork Braze-ons

Tubus Ergo ($121)

The Ergo is a front rack with a similar design to the Tara, but it has some extra tubing.

Steel Front Rack

Tubus Nova ($190)

The Nova is a stainless steel front version of the Ergo

Stainless Steel Front Rack

Here's Ed on a self-contained tour in Wisconsin
Here's Jeff & Dick Rhodes preparing to ride from Indianapolis to New Hampshire. They have Tubus racks, Arkel panniers and Co-Motion Americana bicycles - A great touring package!

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